My Fritts Interest

There is a term in genealogy that is called, Daughtering Out. This is the time when a father’s surname is lost because he has no sons. But do we ever think about it the other way around. A woman daughters out every generation. My grandfather was my first person in my line to not carry the Fritts family name.

Just because I no longer carry the name, does not mean I do not carry the blood. There are many lines that I think highly of and this is one of them. My great grandfather married Mary Ann Fritts, upon her death he married my great grandmother, her sister, Susan Christina Fritts.

The Fritts family is one of the hardest lines I have researched, but at the same time, things flow well once they start. I hope you have as good luck in your searching as I have. There are many resources, just find the one that fits your needs.

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