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Billy Woodrow Horton, 74 passed away November 23, 2018.

He was born in South Norfolk, VA the son of William Woodrow Horton, Sr. and Cassie Hunt Horton.

Billy was a United States Army veteran having served during Vietnam. He later went on to work and retire as a warehouse manager for Nansemond Cold Storage.

Predeceased by his parents; brother, William Woodrow Horton, Jr.; and beloved daughter-in-law, Donna Horton.

Survived by his wife of 50 years, Connie Taylor Horton; daughter Cassie (Craig) Huffman; son Michael (Lisa) Horton; step-mother, Pattie Horton Watkins; grandchildren Chelsea (Zach) Wall, Brandon Huffman, Colby Gray, Brandy Horton and Cameron Huffman; sister, Sandra Knickerbocker; aunt, Shelva (Carol) Mizelle; and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

Friends may join the family for a time of visitation November 27, 2018 at Parr Funeral Home & Crematory. A Celebration of Life service will be held on November 28, 2018 at Bethlehem Christian Church with Rev. Matt Winters officiating. Burial with military honors will be held on November 29, 2018 at Albert G. Horton, Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery.

As in the above, you will notice that their could be some confusion. His father is William Woodrow Horton Sr., he is BILLY Woodrow Horton and his 1/2 Brother is William Woodrow Horton Jr. His brother, not listed because not a Fritz descendant, lived from 1958 to 2014. 
Horton, Billy Woodrow (I488)
by W. A. Walton, J.P. 
LeFler, Christina J. (I65)
Could be son of Lemuel Lambeth in this tree if Lemuel married Mary Hunt. 
Lambeth, Lewis Burton (I366)
Descendant of Jacob Leonard (1758) 
Gallimore, John Ciro (I350)
Died or married before 1850 
Fritts, Mary Ann (I39)
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Brown, Deborah Leah (I464)
Lucinda is buried next to H.D. Easter in row 7, plots 6a & b. This was transcribed on page 264 in Vol III of the Cemetery Records of Davidson County, NC. She is buried on one side by Michael and Mary Easter and Naomi and Willie Easter and on other side by Adam and Christine Clodfelter.

Many people in their trees have Lucinda as Marsha Lucinda. I believe this is because after Lucinda passed in 1907, Henry remarried Marsha L. Beck in 1909. They are assuming the L stands for Lucinda. Lucinda and Henry married in 1878. 
Fritts, Lucinda R. (I68)
Married or died after 1860 
Fritts, Nancy (I43)
Mr and Mrs H. H. Miller and in B. Hunt as witnesses. 
Family: Beeker, Gilford Wille / Hinkle, Dora E. (F62)
Name: Jennett /FRITZ/
Date: 8 MAY 1783
Memo: On Thursday, May 8, 1783, two year after Wooldrich death we find the Fritz family mentioned in court records "Letters of Administration on Estate of Frederick Fritz, deceased, Ordered to issue to Jennett and George Fritz 
FRITZ, Janet (I3)
Name: John H. /Fritts/ 
Fritts, John W. (I102)
Name: Purlina /Fritts/ 
Fritts, Paulina (I41)
Never Married 
Fritts, Susanna (I171)
Possible that this family listing is listed in his mother’s bible. 
Fritts, Felix (I62)
She died or married before 1858 
Fritts, Julia Ann (I40)
Social Security Administration states her death was 3 Jul 1989. 
McCulloch, Guilda (I408)
There is a William Fritts who died in 1830, who many believe could be this William, making him 14 years old. At the same time, his mothers Will, indicates he left the area. 
Fritts, William (I85)
United States 1900 Federal Census Listed in North Carolina, Davidson, Thomasville, District 0038 Dwelling 322 and Family 322. Note: has this family listed as Gent, this is the Grubb family, spelled as Grub. John and Mary Grubb had all the children listed and John’s mother was Mary. Within this, Samuel is still single and I do not believe he had children. 
Grubb, Samuel A. (I273)
19 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Hauser, Fred / Beeker, Lela Mae (F63)
20 The Pioneer Fritts Family

Settle On Clinch-Paw Paw Creek

The pioneer Henry Fritts family came from North Carolina and settled in Roane County about 20 miles up the meanders of Clinch River, or approximately 8 air miles from the town of Kingston. The original home site purchased was in the area of considerable historical significance, and their early neighboring families produced leaders in various fields of endeavor.

The deed of conveyance from Thomas N. Clark to Henry Fritts describes the land as being between Clinch River and Buttermilk Road on, or near Paw Paw Creek. This creek flows into the Clinch at a point below an island of approximately 30 acres which was owned at various times by Matthew Nail, Reubin Williams, John Jones, John B. Waller and others. Later the island was covered by the backwaters of Watts Bar Lake.

Historical Location

The Buttermilk Road was either a segment or, or a road parallel to, the Great Stage Road from Campbell Station in Knox County to Kingston in Roane County. When high waters threatened at the confluence of the Tennessee and Clinch Rivers at Kingston, travelers would by-pass the flood problems by leaving Buttermilk Road and crossing the Clinch ay Paw Paw Ford at a point below the large island. The travelers would proceed by, or near, the present site of the K-25 Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant to Old Emery Road as it passed through the historical Clack's gap in Pine Ridge. From Clack's gap, the travelers would pass on to either Little Emery River and through the DeArmond's Gap in Waldens Ridge on their way to Kentucky, or to Big Emery Gap in Ridge(at Harriman) and turn left to Crab Orchard on their way to Nashville.

Paw Paw Plains

Early neighboring families of the Fritts in the Paw Paw area included: Waller, Pickel, Rayburn, Montgomery, Eblen, Williams, Haggard, Casner, Grubb, Burk and Matlock. The community grew and was known as Paw Paw Plains. Paw Paw Ford was approximately 4 miles from Wheat on the Waller's Ferry Road leading to Lenoir City. The Indian town of Paw Paw and the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Plant site will be discussed later. 
Fritts, Henry (I7)
21 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Reinagel, Robert Joseph (I1273)
22 1780 Family: Fritts, John Sr / Beaver, Mary (F5)
23 1850 Family: Beck, Peter Jr / Fritts, Sarah Ann (F37)
24 1900 Census Grubb, John H. (I58)
25 1900 census list date of birth as Oct 1832 Fritts, Landon H. (I800)
26 5 APR 1913, Immanuel Church Cemetery Kepley, John Franklin (I55)
27 8 JAN 1926, Immanuel Church Cemetery Foust, Tracy Angeline\Adeline (I56)
28 Grover killed Clem Wackerly in a dispute over Clem's daughter, Grover's future wife, Cely Wackerly.

 State of Arkansas vs. Grover GarrettMotion for New Trial
Independence County Circuit Court, Fall Term, 1912
Comes the defendant, Grover Garrett, & moves the court to set aside the verdict rendered herein & gran him a new trial, & for cause says:-
1st. That the verdict & judgement are contrary to the law.
2nd. That the verdict & judgement are contrary to the evidence.
3rd. That the verdict & judgement are contrary to both the law & the evidence.
4th. That the court erred in excluding from the consideration of the jury the photographs taken & testified with reference to & introduced by the witness, H. M. Kennerly, over the objections of the defendant.
5th. That the court erred in refusing to require the witness, John Flinn, to answer questions relative to certain tracks at the scene of the killing.
6th. That the court erred in refusing to allow defendant to prove the statements of John Flinn relative to certain tracks at the scene of the killing by witnesses R. L. Foster, Jim Alex Bell, & John Bell, to the effect that the witness, John Flinn, had stated to said witnesses, Foster , in the presence & hearing of said Jim Alex Bell & John Bell, that he had found, at the scene of the killing, on his first visit thereto, the tracks of the deceased, Wackerly, advancing upon the defendant, Garrett, & the tracks of the defendant, Garrett, retreating from Wackerly.
7th. That the court erred in permitting the witness, James Smith, to testify, over the objections of the defendant, to certain threats or statements alleged to have been made by the defendant, Grover Garrett, a year or more prior to the date of the killing.
8th. That the court erred in giving to the jury, over the objections of defendant, instruction No. 6.
9th. That the court erred in giving to the jury, over the objections of the defendant, instruction No. 11.
10th. That the court erred in giving to the jury, over the objections of the defendant, instruction No. 13.
11th. That the court erred in giving to the jury, over the objections of the defendant, instruction No. 14.
12th. That the court erred in giving to the jury, over the objections of the defendant, instruction No. 16.
13th. That the court erred in giving to the jury, over the objections of the defendant, instruction No. 25.
14th. That the court erred in giving to the jury, over the objections of the defendant, instruction No. 31.
15th. That the court erred in giving to the jury, over the objections of the defendant, instruction No. 33. 
16th. That the court erred in giving to the jury, over the objections of the defendant, instruction No. 34.
17th. That the court erred in giving to the jury, over the objections of the defendant, instruction No. 35.
18th. That the court erred in giving to the jury, over the objections of the defendant, instruction No. 36.
19th. That the court erred in giving to the jury, over the objections of the defendant, instruction No. 37.
20th. That the court erred in refusing to give to the jury, instruction No. 1a, asked by the defendant.
21st. That the court erred in refusing to give to the jury, instruction No. 2a, asked by the defendant.
22nd. That the court erred in refusing to give to the jury, instruction No. 3a, asked by the defendant.
23rd. That the court erred in refusing to give to the jury, instruction No. 4a, asked by the defendant.
24th. That the court erred in refusing to give to the jury, instruction No. 5a, asked by the defendant.
25th. That the court erred in refusing to give to the jury, Instruction No. 6a, asked by the defendant.

Dene H. Coleman, and McCaleb & Reeder. Attorneys for Defendant.Filed November 7, 1912, Jas. T. Garrett, Clerk. 
Garrett, Grover C. (I514)
29 Thomas C. Allen
Born in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas on Dec. 2, 1934
Departed on Dec. 23, 2013 and resided in Granite City, IL.
Visitation:Thursday, Dec. 26, 2013
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Service:Friday, Dec. 27, 2013
10:00 am
Cemetery: St. John Cemetery - Maryville Road 
Allen, Thomas Clarence (I533)
30 A the feet of her mother Gibson, Barbara A. (I615)
31 According to Military Records. Fritts, Herbert E. (I733)
32 According to the Davidson Co., NC Hege, Story #1248 * Arthur was the son of Thomas Jefferson and Delilah (Hedrick) Wright of Cid. Ida's family lived on Wright Road. Arthur and Ida made their home in Winston Salem near their first jobs at R.J. Reynolds. They soon longed for life back on the farm and moved to land adjoining Thomas Wright. They had learned the ways of farming from early childhood experiences. To supplement income from the family farm, Arthur went to work as a section-hand on the new railroad and worked in the Emmons Mine. About 1920, he began growing tobacco as a money crop to bring in additional revenues for his family. By the late 1930's, Arthur abandoned the farming of tobacco and began a dairy farm. He kept his dairy farm until his death in 1966. Their children Margie and Luther remained on the homeplace after their parents' passed away and kept up the family farm on Cid Road.  Lambeth, Ida Lee (I1173)
33 Albert G. Horton Jr. Memorial Veteran Cemetery Horton, Billy Woodrow (I488)
34 Albert G. Horton Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery Hunt, Delmer Franklin (I484)
35 Albert G. Horton Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery Freeman, Emma Lou Willie (I494)
36 Amanda Tennessee Fritts

Back when I was a little girl my parents would my brothers and myself to Oliver Springs to see "Grandmow", Grandmow scared me silly as she was so ancient to a 9 year old girl. She was so bent and fragile and she was talked to with great respect by my parents and even my grandparents, who, also called her "Grandmow".

was always sent out to plat after supper, but, oh how I wished I had stuck around to listen to Grandmow's stories. You see, Grandmow was Amanda Tennessee Fritts Vought. Amanda's daddy was Jeremiah Fritts and her grandfather was Henry Fritts. and his family came over the mountains from Rowan County, North Carolina about 1811. He had purchased about 161 acres of land in Roane County, This land was described as being between the Clinch River and Buttermilk Road, on or near Paw Paw Creek. Today it is in the boundries of Oak Ridge. It used to be known as "The Matlock Place". After Henry's move to Roane County, his first wife died and Henry remarried, This time to Patsey Liles. Patsey is the mother of my grandparent, Jeremiah and his brother Ransom Fritts. Patsey died soon after Ransom's birth, leaving Jeremiah and Ransom to be raised by their Aunt Catherine Fritts, a sister of Henry. Henry went on to marry a third time to Ann Turnbull. Jeremiah and Ransom married the Powell sisters. Sarah to Jeremiah and Nancy J to Ransom in a double ceremony. There marriage date is 17 Aug 1859. Both brothers fought in the Civil War in the Union Army, "D" Co., 5th Infantry. Both Brothers are listed as "Deserters". Amanda's explanation to the inevitable question to "What did your daddy do in the war?" was that Jeremiah farmed by night and hid himself and the animals in caves during the day. He decided that his family's well being was more important than off fighting and killing men. I have no record of Ransom after his desertion except that he appears on the 1880 census for Scott County, Tennessee. Amanda Tennessee Fritts was born May 20, 1877 in Copper Ridge (now Oak Ridge.) She was the 7th child of Jeremiah and Sarah Fritts and the family says that Amanda had "powers". She could devine water, could heal and had foresight. Amanda met Frank Henry Vought when he came on the homestead drifting and asked for work. Amanda said, "Papa gave him to choppin wood and he just kind of stayed around after that." Frank and Amanda were married on July 1, 1894 by J.T. Miller, JP in Roane County. Of that marriage my great grandmother was born. Her name was Dora Ann Vought, on Mar 18, 1898. Dora married John William Harmon. A cousin of sort since his father was James Harmon. James was raised by Silas T. Fritts. Willie's parents were James Harmon and Sarah Whitlock. Willie and Dora had 3 living children. My Grandfather, Sherman Franklin, a brother Roscole Monroe and a daughter, Clara. Dora died just after giving birth to a fourth child in 1924. Both are buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery. Sherman and his siblings were raised by Amanda and Frank. Willie died June of 1947. He rest besides Dora. Sherman married Ruby Irene Wright, daughter of Arthur Wright and Mary Alice Beason on September 2, 1933. Of that marriage my father, Edward Franklin, born Nov 1934, and his brother Leland Monroe, Born Dec 1936 and sister Clarise Irene, born Oct 1938 were born. Edward married Nancy Ann Baker on Jan 3, 1953 and I arrived in Aug. I was quickly followed by three brothers. Sherman Franklin, born Aug 1954, Robert Lawrence, born Jun 1956 and Scott Monroe, born May 1957. There are many more people to this tree than the ones I have mentioned. I've just given the direct line from there to here. There are many more lines that contribute to my DNA than just the Fritts. I have to give credit to the Wrights, the Frost, the Whitlocks, the Easters, and the Beasons. To these lines I am still searching and I think you for making me what I am.

But, to "Grandmow" I had to write this about her line just casuse I thought she deserved it. Amanda died in September, 1962 and is buried beside Frank in the South Harriman Cemetery.

Submitted by Audrey Harmon Gaither. 1502 Beth Ann Ct. Kissimmee, FL 34744 
Fritts, Amanda Tennessee (I1086)
37 Arlington National Cemetery Beeker, George Albert Jr (I340)
38 Army of the United States - includes the following: Voluntary enlistments effective December 8, 1941 and thereafter; One year enlistments of National Guardsman whose State enlistment expires while in the Federal Service; Officers appointed in the Army of United States.

Enlistment Date: 7 Feb 1942
Enlistment Place: Washington, District of Columbia
Rank: Private

Promoted: 2d Lt WWII 355 Fighter Gp WWII

Died in Mustang air crash near Hamburg, Germany. 
Fritts, Herbert E. (I733)
39 As of 21 Dec 2014 I found my second source of Roberts names possibly containing the Middle name Clem. One was on a record in Arkansas, the second was on a bible record of Dollie Robinson, Page 2 contains his middle initials as C. L. L stands for Lee.

The names names and birthdates of David Fritts and Catherine Beard and their children were found in a bible of Dollie Robinson. Bible is in the family of Ray Maden.

Along with this is the death of the child, N. J. Fritts

This also contains Daniel Garret's middle name and Robert C. L. Garrett. 
Garrett, Robert Lee (I532)
40 As per Death Record. Rhodes, John Carter (I422)
41 ASHEBORO – Dolores Lambeth, 90, passed away Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at her residence in Asheboro.

She was born January 14, 1921 in Davidson County to the late Dewey and Emma Lou Ida Fritts Petree.

Dolores was preceded in death by her husband Lola Wayne Lambeth; her children Claudette, Gary, Nicky, and Diane; brother, Wilbur Petree.

She is survived by her daughters, Laurinda Kindley and husband Ernest of Asheboro; brother, Joe Lambeth and wife Mary Jo of Dayton, OH; grandson, Daniel Kindley of Asheboro and Fiancé Jeri Teague of Lexington; granddaughter, Emma Laurel Kindley Brown and husband Jeffery Lee of Archdale; great grandchildren, Lauren, Joshua and Lanie Brown; nieces, Donette King and husband Greg of Ohio, Rhonda Laslo and husband Davis of Wisconsin; nephew, Tony Petree and wife Josanna of Brazil.

The family will receive friends at 2:00 pm Thursday, October 13, 2011at Thomasville Funeral Home. A Funeral Service will follow in the Funeral Home Chapel; interment will follow at Clarksbury United Methodist Church Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Hospice of Randolph County, 416 Vision Drive, Asheboro, NC 27205.

Online condolences may be made through

Published in the High Point Enterprise-OCT 12, 2011 
Petree, Dolores (I768)
42 Batesville, Arkansas the Casket Capital of the world. Garrett, Robert Lee (I532)
43 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Fritts, Iris Lynn (I1268)
44 Bernie Memorial Cemetery Osborn, Bertha Mae (I836)
45 Blind Fritts, Evaline (I1067)
46 Blind Duvall, Clyde (I1068)
47 Bondsman was D. D. Gorden Family: Copple, Joshua C. / Lambeth, Alvana Levinia (F28)
48 Bondsman was Henry A. Walton and witness, J. S. Myer Family: Fritts, Felix / Gallimore, Catherine (F30)
49 Buried next to her parents. Pope, Alice Erwin (I679)
50 Buried next to his parents. Easter, Willie L. F. (I645)

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