The Story of Hans and Wooldrich

I had always been curious about the Fritz Family. I remember as a young boy asking my brother-inlaw why their last name was spelled with an American spelling. He gave me a story about 4 brothers. He had stated it was a way for them to know who family members where when they travelled.

This was truly my introduction into the Fritz/Fritts family line. As I continued to dig, I learned a lot from that short conversation. Besides my brother-inlaw being a Fritts, so were we. My maternal grandfather's mother was a Fritts. My great grandfather married Mary Ann Fritts and upon her death, he married her sister Susan Christina Fritts. Along with that coincident, the Pastor who married my sister and brother-inlaw was a Fritts.

This made my family that much more intriguing to me. It is one of the family lines I focus on.

While researching this line, I was very excited to find a book by Gregory and Patty Fritts. But that excitiment was short lived. The book was no longer being published. I had to drive from Des Moines, Iowa to Overland Park, Kansas to see a copy. Wow, it was as good as I wanted. It was so good, it was overwhelming. These 2 people did so much for the Fritts Family heritage, no one can ever repay them. They did this in the time of no internet, it was by mail and by car.

Is their book perfect? No, but I have not found that many mistakes as of yet. But finding so few mistakes in an 1100 page research book, I am impressed. I see more mistakes on somebodies tree when I log on to So this site will be a complete credit to them and my inspiration to move this book into the future.

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